Data Not Available

Incidence Data

Due to receiving data from different sources, we do not have incidence rates for all geography, cancer site, age, and race/ethnicity combinations. Incidence data collected by SEER registries is available for all combinations except where noted below.

Puerto Rico statistics are not included in the USA total.

¶ Data not available because of state legislation and regulations which prohibit the release of county level data to outside entities.

¶¶ Data not available. State Cancer Registries may provide data not available on this web site.

¶¶¶ Data for Puerto Rico is only available for All Races (includes Hispanics). For more information see data not available.

§§ Hispanic incidence data has been excluded for the following states/registries: Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania (see Technical Notes section of the USCS).

§§§ Data for some race/ethnicity groups have been excluded for Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, and New York.

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Demographic Data

We receive most of our demographic data from the Census Bureau, we do not have demographic statistics for all geography, age, and race/ethnicity combinations. Median Family Income and Median Household Income is not available for Asian/Pacific Islanders. For more information on their data availability and suppression rules, please reference the American Community Survey Documentation technical documentationExternal Web Site Policy.

Puerto Rico statistics are not included in the USA total.

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Screening & Risk Factors Data

Puerto Rico statistics are also not included in the USA total for this data.

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Mortality Data